Friday, March 10, 2017

Fighting the odds

Life can teach you such cruel lessons some times, it's like your whole existence is questioned....
You are surrounded by people wearing such masks that even your near and dear ones fail to recognize the good and the bad, the right and wrong!!
In your journey of making people happy or rather satisfy, all your sacrifices, your good deeds, your good vices are so easily forgotten, that they almost make it sound like all that you did over the years was absolute rubbish.  Even though in the process, you would have literally burnt your dreams, let go off of all that you ever desired, forget that you ever had ambitions... And yet you wouldn't have ever let anybody have the slightest clue of all this..
And then you wake up one fine morning and boom!! All the blocks that you would have built over the years, fall apart... Just by the blink of an eye... And you see it all right in front of you....
You are made to realise, that what ever you had done over the years was just a part of your Responsibility and that you have not done a great job with it, neither have you earned any respect for yourself!! Incredible right....
Suddenly your core starts to fall apart, all your trust, bond and the relationships that you would have built over the years feel meaningless and hollow.
As a child I was always taught that Life is unfair... But now I have got the real taste of it!!
Trying to fight the odds!!
That is Just Me!!!! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Incomplete Me!!!!

With so much potential and so many dreams to fulfill!!!
So many ideas and urge to achieve something…..
So many unfulfilled dreams and aspirations…..
Life only feels incomplete and void….
As if something big is missing!!!
If you ask me the reason for all this……
It’s only been a blame game all the while!!
Whether it is blaming the time, situation or circumstances….
At the end if there’s someone who has been losing something; it’s only Me!!!
This blame game can be very vicious sometimes…
Coz once you start playing it… there’s no end to it….
You then only keep looking for reasons to blame!!!
It’s quite awful though…..
Coz somehow…. Nothing seems to be working out….
Quite literally nothing has been working out…
Whether it is working full time…. Looking for hobby ideas, part time options….
Nothing at all….
Of course there’s no point trying to analyze who was wrong or right …
The point here is that…. It’s been 3 years and no fruitful results…
Nothing great I can name to add on my list…
Just need some motivation and positivity to start something new and fresh…
Need some strength to face this phase of life….
I wanna feel useful … wanna contribute…
Wanna be independent…..
In the hope that someday something WILL really workout!!!
Being positive and hopeful!!!

That is Just Me!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Starting Afresh!!!

Its time to start chasing your dreams, Its time to draw the curtains off your mind,
Its time to rack your brains and scrape the rust off!!!!
Its time to dream big and watch them come alive!!!!!
New City, New People….
Newer roads that lead to new destinations…
Fresh air, fresh ideas….
Fresher breath that gives a feeling of Freedom and Independence!!!!
Now is when the time is right..
Now is when dreams become a Reality…..
Now is when life is beginning to set Right!!!
So waste no time and commit no Crime….
Grab the opportunity with arms both Wide…..
As Time waits for none whether its Yours or Mine!!!!
Open the doors to a brand new world …..
Embrace it with your mind and soul!!!
And wait for the good times roll!!!!

After a long long time!!!
I found Me!!

Coz That is Just Me!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

You Make THE Difference

From being a Mother in law, to a Mother
From being a Compulsion, to a Companion
From being on the other side, to being on the same side.....
From being a responsibility, to becoming a part of life....

She has been by my side no matter what...
Whether it is checking on my health or knowing my Likes and Dislikes....
She makes sure that everyone at home is fit and fine, irrespective of how fit she feels...
She wakes up early EVERY SINGLE morning, whether its a Sunday or a Monday...
She cooks, like it is a Festival everyday.....
She is the solution to everyone's problems.
Each and every member at home is taken care of, just as a new born......
Equal and optimum time shared and given to nourish the family....

She works round the clock, Keeps the house spic and span,
Cooks as a chef, Organizes as a planner......
Worries about every little thing related to home, family, children and relatives.
YET she never complaints......
Never says she is tired....
Never says No to anything.....
And makes sure every member at home is happy and comfortable....

HATS OFF Dear Mumma!!!!!!
You rock and will continue to Rock no matter what..
All you efforts have gone unnoticed and not been acknowledged so far....
Forgive us for our foolishness and immaturity......
Thank you for all that you have done for us and have been doing....
We are grateful and will continue to be....

Love Eternally................
That Is Just Me!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Walk Together

After walking for almost 2 decades in different directions, the roads seem to have magically merged and brought us face to face.
For a couple of meters, the road may have been ruff, with speed breakers and potholes; but at no point ever did we rethink of the path chosen…..
Whether the road was bumpy or a smooth ride, we only began to enjoy the journey…….
Seasons past, climates changed……. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years…. Least did we take notice of any….!!!!!!
From arguing about choices and having difference in opinions,
We now share the same opinions….
From trying to understand each other and know our likes and dislikes,
The information is now by the tip of our fingers……

The bond is magical, the understanding is beyond imagination….
The support system is incredible…..
We are so totally inseparable….
And our relationship is only full of love….

My love for you is eternal…..
Only yours….
That is Just Me!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All about being yourself....

Sometimes it s better to remain ignorant...
Sometimes its better not to grow up...
Sometimes its better not to analyse situations....
Sometimes it feels so much more better to remain yourselves....
Most importantly, it is such a great feeling to live life your way!!!!
From almost childhood, we are taught what we should do to keep others happy...
But we always forget  about our happiness and what we want from life...
This might be the precise reason why, we grow up trying to please others...
And in the process ‘mask’ our identity!!
The big question is till when will we be fake?
For some people the answer might be simple and easy- ‘Throughout’!!!!!
For the rest, they might not even remember their true selves and wonder what am talking about..
Life can get really complicated sometimes.... and many must have experienced the same...
But somewhere down the line.... if one gives it a thought... we may realise that ‘We’ as individuals have complicated our life....
Things can be so much more simpler if we start listening to ourselves first... and keep ourselves happy.
When times get ruff, and you are in a tough!!
Just stop thinking too much.....and ask that little voice in your head to SHUT UP!!!

Take it easy.....
That Is Just Me!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pandoras Box

Rare are the moments when we don’t have complaints. Either with ourselves, our neighbors, Family, friends …. The list goes on and on...
There comes a point when we begin to believe that it is just ‘ME’ and no one else in this whole wide world with a big issue/problem...
 It has indeed become a rare sight today to see people happy from their heart and soul.... On the outside…. We make our best possible attempt to convince the world, more than ourselves that we are satisfied and happy indeed...
Some may have a whiny spouse, cribbing child or an annoying neighborhood, while some sit all day and critique themselves on aspects of live, happiness, satisfaction, achievement and most importantly Failure!!!!!!!
We get affected by the pettiest issues…… and consider it to be the biggest of all….. The way people are giving in to life and quit so easily, really makes me think about many  things…

Is this called patience, is this called fighting back?
For those who think they have tried their best, or given enough chances to life or for the situations to change….. And for those who curse Pandora to have ever opened the box of troubles……. I would like to invite you all to re think and always look at the bigger picture!!!

If you are cribbing about how hot or cold it is, or how u hate the place u live in (by choice), then think about the soldiers in Army Navy and Air force. Think about the situations they get to live in, in extreme climatic conditions, with only one aim- to safeguard their country and its people, so that ‘WE- the one’s who complain all day’ can sleep in peace.
If you are complaining about how each part of your body hurts, think about the differently abled and crippled, who wake up every morning with the zeal to live life as normally as possible…..
If you are complaining about your family and friends and how you don’t get along with any of them, think about the homeless, orphans and old age homes, who have no family of their own!!
Though at the end of the day they form their own family and give life a new meaning…..

Why have we all narrowed down our vision so much, that we almost see only our selves and no one else. Why cant we acknowledge the blind who also try to cross the road along with us, while we cross the road;  almost blindly preoccupied by our thoughts?
Why don’t we see that if we consider ourselves as middle class or not with a great standard of living, there are people who live their entire life on the roads. On the contrary if we are among the creme of the creme, there are definitely people who are richer than us. So whats the point in just showing off to the world about your status and money, while you don’t have the heart to help the one’s who need it!

The day we do start seeing the bigger picture….. is when we will pursue Happiness and peace of mind!

In the Pursuit of Happiness.......
That is Just Me!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Miss your presence, miss your talks, miss ur annoying interrogation over other peoples’ lives…
Miss ur hands that were always up, to bless me… miss ur warm wishes….
Miss all ur motivation …… miss u taking the update from me of my complete day!!!!
Who ever said that every gal is a daddy’s daughter and he is her favorite!!!! Is so true….
Now that I am leading my new life…. Is when I realize… how important all ur annoying questions were…
Each question that u wud ask… wud teach me a new thing for the day!!!
Now that I am here… I realize how nice it feels when someone asks u what u did all day and what new u learnt in the day….
Now that I am here and leading a new life, I realize how important each and every member of the family is…
Now is when I realize why mom used to emphasize on the fact that we all should have our meal together… I understand how important each meal that we had together was!
Now that I am away I realize what it was that kept us bonded as a family!!
Now is when I realized what an important role u both played in order to balance our lives…
U both knew when exactly to be parents and when exactly to be good friends with your daughters!!
Now is when I realize what exactly FAMILY means!!!
Whether it is irritating my little sister or advising her, whether it is sharing my experiences with you all or asking you for suggestions….. I realize that even before I could ask for anything we all did really understand what was going thru each of our minds!!!!
F- ather A-nd M-other I L-ove Y-ou!!!!!!
Love u Mom Dad and my Lil sis!!!!

Now that is what I call a FAMILY!!!!

That is Just Me!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

YOU behind the mask!!

Life takes you through different phases in order to teach you many lessons…
At one point you reach such a stage; where you need to lead two different lives..
One that you are expected to and one that you want to lead….
In the beginning the difference is distinct and clear.. but with time… this difference becomes hazy……
You push yourself to be what you are expected to be… but how long can one hold themselves back??
At any given point of time…. We all have two distinct identities within us….
There is a ‘YOU’ behind all the masks that you wear … those masks that you put on so you can make everyone else around you smile… those masks that define you as a person in the ‘OUTSIDE WORLD’…
But why do we forget with time that there were few other aspirations and few other dreams that we as an individual had at some point in life….
Don’t ever let the masks mask “YOU”…..
Shred the masks, pull out the curtains and bring ‘YOU’ to the fore!!!

Dream Aspire Achieve!!!

ME to the fore!!!!

That is Just Me!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Life is a Theater!!!

Every phase of life, we play a character…
Every milestone we achieve, we reach a new pedestal.
From being a baby- child- teenager- minor to major…..
We play new roles in new situations with new people…
We may have enjoyed every little phase until we are under the guidance of our loved ones..
All characters known, dialogues delivered without fear of being misunderstood…..
All within the warm shell and cocoon that we would have been brought up in.

But…. There also comes one phase when the mother bird leaves her baby birds in the nest and let them spread their wings on their own and fly!!!!
Though she knows that they wont be able to fly on their own in their first attempt… at the back of her mind… she prays and knows for sure that after a few failed attempts…. Her babies will fly and fly high!!!!

There comes a similar situation in life, a phase when u are assumed to have grown up and take care of your own responsibilities …. Not just yours but a complete family’s!!!!
Where nothing is told, understood or agreed upon…
Characters are new and unknown…. Dialogues not known….
Neither are you familiar with the situations that you get into…
A whole new role and character needs to be played and its not just one role you play…
It is almost like a single individual playing the role of many characters…
And guess what you are not exempted from any of the mentioned roles….
One has to do justice to each and every role….

"Life is a Theater" definitely; with drama, emotions, excitement and agony!!!!
But I would say… “Life is a Teacher”

Leaving you with this!!!
That is Just Me!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rewind << !

Just as the season for the unpredictable rain sets in….
Just as I see the colorful umbrellas coming out….
Just as I see fewer people on the streets; and more so with the missing faces of the people, by and large taken over by the retro style umbrellas.
Polka dots, bright colors, more motifs while some stick to the traditional Black colored umbrellas…

I have seen many people crib about the rains..
But obviously because its ‘Dirty, Filthy, Annoying’ and what not….

As I return home riding two wheeler, in the heavy rains; enjoying the splash of the water hitting hard on my face. The streets bare an isolated look, no soul is seen enjoying the rains…..

While I am still on the roads; my mind hit the Rewind button <<
Where I was on the streets and would wait for it to rain so the street gets clogged and I run along with my friends so that we can jump in the slush and actually get drenched in the rains….

Those were the days when we used to play with the paper boats and build stories around them…
Those were the days when we never thought that getting drenched in the rain was tacky..
As I recall…. All my friends would come running out of their houses just as it would begin to rain and we would deny to go back home even after a lot of persuasion from our respective parents…..

Gone are the days… Now I only see parents scaring their children about all possible diseases they may get prone to due to the rains….
Gone are the days when children were children…. When they used to be spontaneous… when they had no inhibitions…..

Really miss all those moments…..

Re living every moment!
That is Just Me!!